My new blog

I’ve long wanted to start a journal.  I’ve tried a few times in fact, but they never seem to get very far.  I know a significant part of my life is interacting with computers, so perhaps some online writing will help me accomplish this.

My goal with my new blog is to document my life through introspection, to put ideas down on cyberpaper that I’d otherwise forget, and to help improve my writing speed, coherency and succinctness.

With so much that happens every day, I cringe at the thought of how much I’ve probably forgotten.  Twenty-six years of my life have passed, and I wish I could describe at least 20 things that happened to me in each year.  Looking forward though, hopefully this blog will help!

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One Comment on “My new blog”

  1. Ulla Says:

    I think journaling is a life long tool that will stand you in good stead. Put it all out on paper and look at it and see what comes up……

    You’re an awesome person!!!