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Expedition Delta: The Movie

I’m back from the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, and I had an awesome trip! You can look at my older bi-daily updates I wrote to a local middle school so you can see how things progressed. In the meantime, you can look here (crew 66) for our past daily reports, or have a look at the current webcam images. We’re no longer there of course, but it’ll give you a nice glimpse into what crews do there.

During our mission we put together an hour long video highlighting each of our specialties, general station operations, EVAs, and more. It stars our entire crew: John Thaler, Anna Grinberg, Perry Edmundson, Michele Faragalli, Nasim Kaveh, Cheryl Wartman, Arthur Guest and myself. You can download it below.

Movie (icon)
Expedition Delta: The Movie

(696.9MB; 1 hour, 7 minutes, 56 seconds)

If you’d like a smaller video that still shows what it’s like there, check out this small clip I filmed:

Movie (icon)
MDRS: Wonderful World

(2.1MB; 22 seconds)

Coming soon… Expedition Delta: The Photos.

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